Forthcoming Titles Forthcoming Titles

Forthcoming in 2016/2017

Dear Everyone, poems by Matt Shears

Lunch Portraits, poems by Debora Kuan

Private Collection, a novel by Geoff Wyss

Poems by Sheila Maldonado

Brooklyn Poets Anthology


Readings & Events Readings & Events

September 26, Detroit
John F Buckley reads foor Poets & Pies.

September 28, New York City
Michael Ernest Sweet will be speaking about publishing & photography at B&H @ 4 PM.

October 17, New York
Anaïs Duplan will be reading at the Poetry Project at St Marks @ 8 PM.

October 20, Pennsylvania
Daniel Borzutzky will be reading at St Vincent College in the Fred Rogers Center, Room 1 AB, @ 5 PM.

October 22, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading for the Red Rover Series @ 7 PM.

November 10, Chicago
Jay Besemer’s book party for Chelate is at Sector 2337 @ 7 PM.

November 18, Chicago
Jay Besemer will be reading at Woodland Pattern @ 7PM.

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Spring Readings & Events

Spring Readings & Events

April 7, Iowa City Anaïs Duplan reads at the Mission Creek Festival for Black Ocean’s 10th Anniv...

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