Forthcoming Titles Forthcoming Titles

Forthcoming in 2016/2017

Infinite Record: An anthology of performative texts and essays on the works of artists Wen Hui, Arnold Dreyblatt, and Louise Höjer, edited by Karmenlara Ely & Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann

Take This Stallion by Anais Duplan

Chelate by Jay Besemer

Memorabilia by Matt Shears

The Ugly by Alexander Boldizar

Private Collection by Geoff Wyss

Poems by Sheila Maldonado

Poems by Debora Kuan

Brooklyn Poets Anthology

Readings & Events Readings & Events

Jan 15, Los Angeles
Laurie Filipelli will read with with Joanna Fuhrman and Yerra Sugarman at Malvern Books in Austin at 7 PM.

Jan 23, Houston
Martin Rock will be reading during the final week of the Rothko Retrospective at The Museum of Fine Arts at 4 PM.

Jan 26, Brooklyn
Joe Pan will be reading at Unnameable Books with Kate Angus & Justine Post at 7 PM.

Jan 27, Ann Arbor
John F Buckley will be reading for the Crazy Wisdom Poetry Series at 7 PM.

Jan 29, New York
Joe Pan will be reading at the Joan Mitchell Foundation Center at 7 PM.

Feb 8, New York
Wendy Xu will be reading with Cathy Eisenhower at the Poetry Project at 8 PM.

Feb 17, Notre Dame
Martin Ott will be reading from his new book at the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore at 7:30 PM.

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Media Media

Wendy Xu receives a rave review in Ploughshares.

Joe Pan receives a wonderful review in Publishers Weekly.

Seth Landman receives a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly.

F. Daniel Rzicznek reviews Erika Jo Brown‘s I’m Your Huckleberry at The Literary Review

Spencer Dew reviews Paige Taggart‘s Or Replica at decomP.

Booklist reviews Noah Eli Gordon‘s latest poetry collection The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom.

Joe Pan, BAP Publisher, talks with Flavorwire about small presses and the future of publishing poetry.

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